Mooring Simulator

Virtual reality can significantly improve content assimilation efficiency

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Together with our strategic partner Learnmarine, our team developed a Ships Mooring Simulator. We combine practical knowledge with a thorough understanding of the physics behind each model to identify optimum operability and feasibility.


Mooring is one of the most common and complex operations onboard. The student will be able to identify hazards associated with mooring operations and comprehend all the relevant procedures on safe mooring operations.

Key Benefits

  • Desktop Simulator (for class rooms and multi training)
  • VR Simulator (training and assessment, accident environments)
  • Blended learning (class room training, e-learning module + simulator)

Legislation and References

  • STCW Section A-II / Table A-II/2, Table A-II/3, Table A-II/4
  • Mooring Equipment Guidelines 4th edition (MEG4), OCIMF 2018
  • Guidance on Line Management Plans (LMP) – Intertanko
  • Guidance on Mooring System Management Plans (MSMP) – Intertanko

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