LMS Development

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Online business presence is a key factor to succeed in the modern business world. In Maritime Studio We have the knowledge and expertise to create interactive and functional websites and web apps showcasing your products and services.


MS provides a broad range of customised interactive web-based applications and development services. Our creative design team will assess your business needs and target audience to design a customized website/app that works for your 24/7.

We make it possible by transforming your ideas into a custom-built user-friendly website. Our talented web app developers leverage contemporary web technologies to create a rich user experience and connect your users with your brand.


Be it computer, tablet or smartphone – our web applications are fully optimized for an engaging user experience seamlessly across multiple platforms.

We offering a turnkey e-learning solution that includes UX/UI design, coding, and LMS software development. We also providing quality assurance services and supported the project launch.

Due to cost reductions, we are offering a budget-friendly solution, based on customization and implementation of existing Learning Management Software, such as Moodle LMS, Docebo LMS, Canva LMS, WordPress based LMSs.

An assessment system must provide decision-makers at all levels with sound information on which they can base their decisions in support of learning for all students.

A comprehensive system available today for managing human performance in the workplace for the marine, and offshore oil and gas industries.

The system includes different types of assessment tools and processes, used for different purposes at different levels of the system: Employee Selection, Onboard Training, Training Centres, Training Providers, Maritime Institutions, etc.

It consists of a question database with multiple choice questions, specific to the knowledge areas defined in STCW.

System Features:

  • Standards against which workplace performance is measured
  • Records workplace assessment
  • Identifies performance gaps
  • Determines training needs to close the gaps
  • Provides analysis at both the organizational and individual levels

The Learning Management System is a web-based e-learning system specifically designed for the shipping industry.

MLMSBox is a standalone mobile device working without the Internet. It combines a wireless access point with a full-featured custom-made LMS server.

Turn on MLMSBox to create a wireless local area network and enable learners to connect to it using their own devices to retrieve documents, collaborate in real-time and take complete training courses from dedicated Courses Library.

MLMSBox is used to enhance online learning and training:

  • when existing infrastructure is not suitable for specific projects, for example
  • when the Internet speed is not fast enough or when the platform provided is not adapted to the usage you need (no plugins, no customization possible, etc.);
  • when it is sensible to provide learning activities offline, without Internet access.

It offers small groups (up to 50 participants) the opportunity to work in a learning environment without the need for heavy setup.

Using either method, the MLMSBox allows users to access e-learning courses stored in the system while their activity is synchronized with an ashore cloud installation.

The onshore installation has a management dashboard that allows the crew manager to manage and monitor the training process across the fleet in real-time.