Software Simulation

Realistic Environments for Practice and Perfection

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Software simulations allow learners to work with new software in a low-pressure environment. Safely contained within your e-learning course, there’s no “messing up” your software simulations: learners can’t switch off an important process or accidentally post a private document.


Software simulations are a powerful tool to have in your course development toolshed. This interaction type gives learners the chance to master new technology without the fear of making a mistake in a live environment.


MS has created technical simulations for a number of varying functions- software-based simulations for Navigational, Engineering and Electrical Engineering equipment. Training and simulated virtual worlds that teach by recreating work-places.

Simulations closely mimic real-life where there may not be just ONE right route to reach our destination. The learner experiences different scenarios and builds his or her skills in dealing with them.

Scenarios provide practice sessions so that learners have enough opportunities to try out new skills, make mistakes and learn from them.

Business processes which are long drawn are broken down into multiple modules and scenarios to attain learner interest. Learners are motivated to interact more with the course through games, puzzles or quizzes.

Our business simulations are scalable and thus from a technology and investment perspective, they can be a sustainable proposition. New simulations can be added as and when required.

Our business simulations provide risk reduction, by giving the learners a platform to learn and practice new skills – bringing in budget and time utilization.