MLMS Project

E-learning has become an extremely popular way for employees and students to learn new material in the work place and at school  

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One of our clients ordered an LMS Cloud solution for their company with minimal investments.

The goal of the project was to develop a Cloud solution that would facilitate the work of the employee development department in organizing their career training. In other words, each employee has a specific career plan that he fulfills through the system. You can study the material and take testing anywhere; all you need is access to the internet. As a result, he is ready to revise his salary or position, since managers will have ready-made test results on hand.

As a result – the customer company received a backend solution for the LMS product, an automated employee training system. Administrators are already working on filling LMS with training content and setting up various types of tests.

Project date

Jan 2020

Estonia, Tallinn
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