Maritime Studio and Learnmarine have launched the new innovative e-learning course “EU MRV Awareness”

Maritime Studio along with Learnmarine LLC – its strategic partner – work together to create e-learning courses combining high technological standards and accuracy in delivering the required and in-depth knowledge to cover the needs of the maritime industry.

“EU MRV Awareness” course can train you accurately and effectively while looking into the latest maritime developments and delivering all the necessary information you need in an accessible, customized, targeted and comprehensive way to practically achieve compliance with IMO DCS and EU MRV Legislation.

The course is designed to provide useful insight into the EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) Regulation offering feedback on the latest developments, clarifications over the EU MRV vs the IMO data collection system and advice on how owners may get prepared for the smooth implementation and develop their EU MRV Monitoring Plan as per requirements.

Course topics include:

  • EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations;
  • Data Monitoring and Data Reporting;
  • Monitoring Plan and Emission Reports;
  • Fuel Consumption Methodologies;
  • The Role of the Verifier;
  • Cloud-Based Ships Solutions;
  • THETIS-MRV Familiarization.

Registration available at Learnmarine Training Platform.

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