Ship Simulator: Cargo Crane Operations

Realistic simulator is an effective tool to evaluate and assess operators for both efficiency and safety

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Together with our strategic partner Learnmarine, our team developed a Ships Cargo Crane Simulator. We combine practical knowledge with a thorough understanding of the physics behind each model to identify optimum operability and feasibility.

Realistic simulations helps operators acquire critical skills such as learning to “catch the swing” with different types of attachments, landing the spreader, and using cell guides to load containers. Progressive training exercises develop operator skills for handling bulk and breakbulk (including pipes, coils, bags, rebar, and steel plates) as well as container unloading (20 40, and 45-foot containers).


The Ship Cargo Crane Simulator resulting in a training tool that ensures skills learned during simulator seat time are transferred directly to the real equipment:

  • Progressive learning program replicating terminal operations
  • Working in and around ship holds
  • Lifting and landing loads including bulk cargo, break bulk, bags, logs, and containers
  • Managing multiple loads
  • Challenges including adjustable weather, wind, and waves

Simulator replicates equipment performance by modelling all major components to exact physical and mechanical properties, ensuring it feels like the real thing:

  • Hoisting, slewing, booming, and hook functions
  • Bulk material handling
  • Breakbulk specific rigging
  • Container handling
  • Simulated equipment faults


The training pack offers customization options that allow the training to be adjusted to your requirements:

  • Exercise Builder: Create new exercises as needed
  • Training Roles: Choose the specific training role as per your needs (instructor, crane operator  or rigger)
  • Crane performance: Adjust and tune the simulated crane to match specific attributes (accelerations, max speeds, joystick deadband)
  • Scoring: Set specific, objective scoring criteria that match your priorities


  • Full mission cargo crane simulator (instructor and students workspaces)
  • Desktop simulator (instructor and students workspaces; multiplayer)
  • VR simulator (instructor and students workspaces)
  • Remote simulator

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