Maritime Education

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Maritime Education

eLearning Strategy

Transforming your organization through eLearning.

eLearning Content

Delivering effective and efficient learning at scale.

eLearning Technology

Synchronise learning technologies to deliver seamless learning networks.

Simulator Development

For equipment training and simulated virtual worlds.

About Our Company

Our aim is to make the Seas and Oceans a safer place, by providing education to the people who work on them and by making marine operations safer.

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When a single learning delivery model doesn’t serve your learning needs, we bring a blend of delivery models that fit your learning culture.

Powerpoint or Flash to HTML5

Give a second life to your existing PowerPoint or Adobe Flash based training by transforming them into full-fledged eLearning courses through innovative learning strategies.

Why Personal Consultations?

We offer individual consultations in all types of sleep problems. Therapist Knut Thoresen has a master's in psychology and is a trained hypnotherapist.

Why Our Podcast?

We are currently recording a sleep podcast series in collaboration with Fremantle Podcast. Stay tuned ...