Articulate Storyline: What, Why and How Much?

This article is about Articulate Storyline, one of the tools for creating eLearning courses. The material will be useful for beginners who have not worked with LMS and want to know where the development begins, as well as for those who are familiar with the program, but want to learn about new life hacks.

Articulate Storyline: what it is and how much does it cost

To create an e-course, you need a suitable tool. To understand after a few hours or days of work that the idea cannot be implemented in the chosen environment is not the most pleasant outcome. Therefore, at Maritime.Studio we use the most functional tools, and the most popular of them is Articulate Storyline. For those who are just starting to study e-learning, help:

Articulate produces eLearning tools and is considered one of the industry leaders. Storyline 360 ​​is a feature-rich editor that allows you to create educational and interactive content: interactive simulators, tests, simulations and mini-games.

Articulate has consolidated nine of its eLearning software packages into one package called Articulate 360. This package is distributed by subscription for $ 999-1299 / year and includes Storyline 360, as well as tools for creating responsive courses, feedback and content library. Articulate Content Library with sets of pictures, icons, templates and other joys.

When courses were created without special tools, making edits and retyping them was quite difficult, at least more difficult than doing it now in Storyline. Many people fell in love with the editor from Articulate precisely because of its intuitiveness and ease of use and learning: there are many lessons on working with the program on the network, and the built-in templates are enough to create simple e-courses without outside help.

Storyline is in many ways similar to Microsoft PowerPoint: you will also have to work with slides, but there are much more possibilities. By the way, using Storyline, a ready-made PowerPoint presentation can be quickly turned into an electronic course and placed in the LMS.

Editor functions that you can apply right now

1. Working with layers.
2. Using animation and changing the state of objects using triggers.
3. Adding video and audio.
4. Access to standard media library.
5. Basic Storyline templates.
6. SCORM and TinCan API publishing.

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