AR and VR Development

Virtual reality can significantly improve content assimilation efficiency.

Virtual Reality (VR) literally makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere, anytime.


What is AR/VR training simulator?

When someone talks about AR/VR training simulator, they are referring to technology that is a virtual medium through which various types of skills can be acquired.

Training simulations can be used in a variety of genres; however, they are most commonly used in corporate situations to improve business awareness and management skills.


Creating a unique total immersion experience. The user is immersed in the virtual world, which is perceived as a real one and provides unlimited interaction and visualization opportunities.

Augmented and mixed reality

Augmented or mixed reality allows adding virtual objects to the real world and to interact with them. The technology may be implemented on powerful smartphones, tablets and using special augmented reality glasses.

Multiplatform development

Smartphone and Tablets are the most massive platform. Through the smartphone screen, the user looks on the world, which is complemented by virtual objects. At the same time, the phone position in space is tracked.

Cost reduction

In most cases, AR/VR training simulators help organizations save time and money by routine operations automation, elimination or reduction. They also boost the ramp-up period for newcomers.

Risk mitigation

VR training simulators allow training people in a “safe” environment. For maritime industry training simulators help to train seafarers and cadets without risking lives.

Budget - friendly solutions

Our business simulations provide risk reduction, by giving the learners a platform to learn and practice new skills – bringing in budget and time utilization.