Wellness Consulting Project

Wellness community e-Learning Portal.

Ukrainian based wellness community requested a new e-learning portal.

To bring clients vision to fruition, our engineers designed a comprehensive project plan illustrating a new web-based solution that incorporated all of the features the legacy LMS failed to address.

The application includes a full business life-cycle to cover the diverse demands of college curriculums and training programs. This translates into a course material repository, a resource for student to access when enrolling or partaking in evaluations.

Armed with its vast experience developing e-learning solutions, Maritime.Studio collaborated with the client to carry out their project plan, implementing the latest technologies to minimize future maintenance.

Special attention was given to make sure that the platform not only addressed the current needs of the client, but was scalable and had the necessary flexibility to support future enhancements.

Project dateOkt 2017 - Feb 2018
LocationUkraine, Dnipro
Company websiteWellness Consulting
Academy websiteWellness Academy